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SEO is crucial for any website to thrive on google and in marking its spot on google ranking. SEO helps websites to achieve more exposure or visibility this is all essential if you would like to reach your potential clients. So, in short your website needs SEO. If you haven’t started your SEO journey start with us today and get 30%OFF on a three month contact.

Ranking on google varies, it is important to make note that businesses are different. This plays is huge roll on ranking. Some websites might take a few days, others a few weeks or even a month. SEO is a journey every company needs to start and the best time to start is now. The sooner you start the sooner you can work on achieving the results you want and maintain them. JOIN TODAY!

SEO pricing and services differs according to the agency or the size of your business. At Social Matters our current SEO pricing starts from R899 depending on the size of your business and we offer 30%  OFF on 3 months contracts. 

No SEO Agency can guarantee you a number one ranking on google. Most SEO Agencies come close to achieving your goal, while others achieve your goal eventually through consistency. The answer to ranking number one on google through SEO is to start on work on it today and NEVER STOP!

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Your website is basically your spokes person, its your virtual portfolio, trust us to create the best image for your business.


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